Center for Excellence
in Long Term Care


It's a Good Day When You Get to Work with UT Austin

This mark was designed for the Center for Excellence in Long Term Care, which will be an online learning hub for Dementia caregivers in the state of Texas.

The logo combines a few key ideas:

  • Focus on long term care in Texas
  • Building a support structure in communities
  • Excellence

The logo merges the following components:

  • State of Texas as a simple shape
  • Health symbol (+ sign)
  • Star to emphasize excellence
  • Pillar to convey structure and foundation building
  • Divider used to separate the Texas shape from the health symbol that doubles as a portion of an electrocardiogram line


Module Icons

In addition to the logo for the center, I had the opportunity to create some icons for each of the learning modules as part of the overall design package.