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"I'm beyond excited to reveal my official brand logo! It's been an absolute pleasure to work with [San'Quan]. I told him what I wanted and he went above and beyond that and gave me something I love. He made sure to keep constant communication with me throughout the entire process and let me in on everything from preliminary drafts to the final product.

Thank you for your professionalism and thank you for making a vision a reality."


FeefeYorka.com is a blog written by a passionate student of Pharmacy and Lover of Jesus Christ. It was a pleasure to create a mark that complements the style and voice of the blog.

The process of sketching is sometimes frustrating, sometimes fun, but it is always rewarding to pay dues to the process as I did here. The original sketches were many, but out of them came a logo with which @yorkamazing was well pleased. I appreciate and respect the logo design process. You can see the full YouTube video of the logo design on my YouTube channel or more posts on my Instagram page.

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