PolaSeo Group, LLC

PSG Logo - Studio 1816 Designs
I was very satisfied with the products from Studio1816 in terms of quality and timely delivery. I couldn’t have chosen a better outfit to work with. Throughout the process San’Quan displayed high professionalism and was always willing to accommodate my numerous changes. Excellent value for money.
— Segun Omidele, President PolaSeo Group, LLC

Designing the Logo

After the initial client call, I started with a series of sketches. The client desired a straightforward logo that clearly showed "PSG." After the initial round of sketches , I presented a subset of them for feedback. Each logo sketch was refined to give the lines more definition and clarity. Logo 06 was the prevailing choice since it represents the company initials with some abstraction. 

Logo 06 was refined by working with the lengths, rotation and orientation of the letterforms. Sometimes, the best solutions come after only a few tweaks to the overall idea. That was true for me. After all, vectors are free!


This 169 square grid allowed me to expand the style of the logo into a seamless pattern that I was able to utilize in the corporate stationery requested by the client.



Business Card Design

To help you visualize how the leading design looks in context, I provide a mock-up on physical goods. This gives you a picture of what to expect as a final printed product. 

Each project has its own story and process. This was one of my favorite since I was able to deliver the client request on an accelerated schedule.